AGH Northside Educational Programs

Allegheny Women's Biotechnology Workforce Collaborative
An innovative educational program for women of the Northside community, the Biotech program provides the opportunity to become biomedical research assistants. Eligibility is not limited to candidates with a GED, but rather those with a willingness to learn and work. Located at the Allegheny Campus of CCAC, the program provides free tuition, work experience, books, a computer, and one-on-one support services. The initiative is made possible through support from charitable funding sources. The program is sponsored by Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative (PTEI), CCAC, and the Northside Leadership Conference.

For more information about the Biotech program or to apply, call 412-359-8041 or email

Medical Laboratory Assistant Program
This is a free certification program for qualified Northside residents to be trained in Medical Laboratory Assistance (MLA) at CCAC. It is hoped that several of the students who complete the MLA program will continue their education at CCAC using the hospital’s tuition reimbursement program to complete their associate degree in clinical laboratory science. The hospital also offers tuition refund assistance when the individual agrees to a two year commitment to work in the WPAHS laboratory as either a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) or as a Medical Technologist (MT).

For more information about the MLA program or to apply, call 412-359-4539 or email

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