House & History Tours

The history of Pittsburgh’s Northside is unique not just in it once being an independent city but in its swing of fortune and attention received over the years. Once a quick escape for many of Pittsburgh’s richest families from the loud and dirty industries that lined Pittsburgh’s rivers, it is also the place where the massive redevelopment project of the I-279 corridor and the Allegheny Center Mall complex shattered the very communities they were ostensibly meant to serve. Famous inventors, artists, industrialists, entrepreneurs and architects are bound into the history and evolution of the Northside. The streets and houses, neighborhoods and institutions that make up the Northside represent not only its colorful history but a bridge between a rich past and a hopeful and hopefully rich future.

The 18 neighborhoods that comprise the Northside have their own unique attributes and history. Some have seen a strong resurgence in their businesses and housing restoration; some have sat quietly and changed very little over the years. But for all, there is a story to tell and places to show to the other neighborhoods of the Northside and to other neighborhoods of the city and beyond.

House and history tours are one way to feature our neighborhoods and even though not new, they have been embraced by numerous neighborhoods. It gives the neighborhoods an opportuniry to show themselves off and welcome people into places they may not have been. 

If you are interested in going on a tour, follow the links on the right to the various neighborhood committees that are sponsoring the tours. If you would like to participate in some way or have resources to offer, please follow the links on the right and get the contact information for each neighborhood group sponsoring the house tours. 

Please join us here on the Northside and see what we have to offer. We think that you’ll be delighted to find the places and people and ideas we have in each neighborhood!