Allegheny Commons Park

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Allegheny Commons Park is expanisve and is broken up into the sections:north,east, west and center. It is equipped with multiple tennis courts, a swimming pool, Lake Elizabeth, a cloud machine, various monuments and the National Aviary. This park surrounds the Children's Museum and located on either side is many eateries and shops.


Brighton Heights Park

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Is comprised of a pool, Benton baseball field and vast open spaces that is great for family fun.


Fineview Park

Has tennis courts and a large play structure.


Herrs Island North Park and Lawn

7. Herrs Island

Herrs Island is located right off of the Troy hill area of the Northside.


Legion Memorial Park

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Is located in the Brighton Heights area with two different monuments in the quaint park area.


Manchester Park

Manchester has two basketball courts, tennis courts, a pool and playground. Down the street is also the Manchester Memorial Park.


North Shore Riverfront Park

Located on the North Shore it is in close promiximity to a concert venue and many restaurants.


Riverview Park

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Riverview Park is comprised of the Allegheny Observatory, many trails and a swimming pool.


Roberto Clemente Memorial Park

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Home to the famous water steps, this park sits right on the river sprinkled with memorials and monuments. The Three Rivers Hertiage Trail also runs through it.


Troy Hill Spray Park

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This park has a water system that distinguishes it from the rest.