We Like Bikes! - Northside Bike Friendly Business Program


What is it?

"We Like Bikes!", a program of the Northside Leadership Conference and Walk Ride Northside, is an initiative to encourage more people to bike in the Northside, increase Northside bicycle safety, and to encourage the support of local Northside businesses. 

"We Like Bikes!" business members will assist in enhancing the bike-friendliness of the Northside by providing bicyclists access to water and restrooms, and by providing the following repair tools and resources in their shops:

  • Tire irons;
  • Tire pumps;
  • Patch kits;
  • Wrench/screwdriver tools; and
  • Chain tools

Who are the participating business members?

Founding business partners are Allegheny City Brewing, Arnold’s Tea, Brugge on North, California Coffee Bar, Chateau Café and Cakery, City Books, Kaffeehaus, Penn Brewery, Spring Hill Brewing, Threadbare Cider House, and Young Brothers Bar. Businesses were selected to give the program broad geographic distribution across the Northside.