Are you new to Pittsburgh? Want to start biking to work? Unsure of the safest travel routes? There are a wealth of online available resources to visit, here are a few: 

The CTAC has a Map of Northside Bike Loops as well as proposed Northside bike loops. This map is only of Pittsburgh's Northside. 

Gtech created a Northside Neighborhood Trail Map for almost every Northside neihborhood that goes past some of Nortsides most popular and hidden gems. These trails created by Gtech can be walked or biked but in certain sections of the trail only walking may be permitted. 

This is Bike Pittsburgh's most up to date Pittsburgh City Biking Map. Check out the map that they say is, "designed with the commuter and urban explorer in mind, in the hopes that folks can learn some safer routes between neighborhoods, as well as explore some new territory." Download the PGH Bike Map West which includes the entire northside as well as Downtown. 

This comic-book style guide created by BikePGH is specific to the Pittsburgh Area. The guide helps riders learn ways to stay safe and is filled with easy tips and tricks to comfortably bike in Pittsburgh. The guide can be found at local bike shops, online or in the BikePGH office.