Health Fairs

Allegheny General Hospital participates in health fairs throughout Northside communities during different events like RP Day, Heritage Day, Pumpkinfest, The Place to Start and more! These fairs encourage the employees to interact with community memebers in a more comfortable environment, rather than a doctor's office. This also allows the employees and community to get to know each other better while spreading awareness of resources in the Northside. The North Side Christian Health Center also attends health fairs with resources and information about their practice.  Dieticians to mental health specialists to nurses attend these events with helpful resources and information. 


Pumpkinfest is a children’s harvest festival that is created by East Allegheny Community Council. It includes a petting zoo, games, educational activities, food, give-away items, pumpkins and a health fair. Families are asked to pay $5 per child for this event.  Allegheny General Hospital provides the Health Fair with free health screenings, healthy lifestyle information and the opportunity to see inside an ambulance. In past years, AGH has donated free bike helmets for children. Different divisions of AGH attend the health fair such as Dental, Food and Nutrition, Respiratory Care, Emergency Medicine, and more! These divisions bring resources or free necessities like tooth brushes to give away at Pumpkinfest to kids and their families. They also have fun activities for kids to learn about healthy living. 

If you have any questions, please contact Maggie Yenchick, AGH Partnership Coordinator at