Workforce Home Benefit

Allegheny General Hospital and the Northside Leadership Conference (NSLC) are pleased to work on bringing back the Workforce Home Benefit to employees at AGH and those throughout the WPAHS. Thanks to the generous support of the PNC Foundation and knowledgeable NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania instructors, this program will offer free homebuyer education workshops and credit counseling for all participants. 

The Workforce Home Benefit program was established in 2005 through the AGH-Northside Partnership. It was designed to help AGH employees realize their dream of homeownership and empower them during the home buying process. Over the years, hundreds of employees have taken advantage of the homebuyer workshops and credit counseling.

AGH, NSLC, PNC Foundation and NeighborWorks has offered the same high quality, free educational workshops, credit counseling and support to all AGH and WPAHS employees who want to learn more about becoming a homeowner. The workshops cover everything from credit worthiness to personal financial management and predatory lending practices. Participants are taken play-by-play through the closing process and learn more about choosing a real-estate agent, home insurance options and loan selection from professionals in these fields. 

“Homeownership is a cornerstone of the American dream and we are delighted to help make that dream a greater possibility for many of our employees through this initiative.  We are equally committed to doing everything we can to promote the health and vitality of the Northside community, which is so critical to the success of our organization and the people we serve,” said Debra L. Caplan, AGH Senior Vice President and a member of the NSLC Board of Directors. 

While the program was created for AGH employees, the workshops and credit counseling sessions are open to employees throughout the West Penn Allegheny Health System.  Some aspects of the program have income restrictions and all applicants must complete the Neighborworks homeownership education workshop and counseling to qualify. Please check this page for updates!

If you would like to learn more about the Workforce Home Benefit program, please contact Lauren DeDomenic, AGH Partnership Coordinator, at 412-231-4714 ext. 204 or