NSLC Board of Directors

Allegheny General Hospital
Duke Rupert
Mark Jones

Allegheny City Central / Central Northside Neighborhood Council 
Andrew Wickesberg
Patrick Dexter

Allegheny City Society
John Canning
Ruth McCartan

Allegheny West Civic Council
John DeSantis
Ann Gilligan

Brighton Heights Citizens Federation
Vince Pallus - NSLC Secretary 
John Belch

Brightwood Civic Group
Angel Gober
Jermaine Younger - NSLC President 

Community Alliance of Spring Garden/East Deutschtown
Bob Herbert
Ruth Ann Dailey

Charles Street Area Council
Angela Williams - NSLC Ex-Officio

East Allegheny Community Council
Gina Grone
Douglas Kamper

Fineview Citizens Council
Christine Whispell
Terra Ferdeber

Huntington National Bank
Greg DiGioia

Manchester Citizens Corporation
LaShawn Burton-Faulk

Observatory Hill Incorporated
Walt Nalducci, Esq.
Dorrie Smith-Richie - NSLC Executive Committee At Large 

Perry Hilltop Citizens Council
Joanna Deming
Janet Gunter - NSLC Executive Committee At Large 

Spring Hill Civic League
Robert Wilson
Ben Soltesz - NSLC Executive Committee At Large 

Summer Hill Citizens Committee
Georgiann Lucas
John Clayton

Troy Hill Citizens, Incorporated
Tony Benvin
Sam Morris

NSLC At Large Directors
Ray Meyer - NSLC At Large Member
Margaret Eldridge - NSLC At Large Member
John Augustine - Chair, Allegheny Commons Initiative
Reverand Brenda J. Gregg - NSLC At Large Member
Karen Wiles - NSLC Treasurer and At Large Member 
Robert Griewahn - At Large Member