NSLC Board of Directors

Allegheny General Hospital
Mark Nussbaum
Mark Jones

Allegheny City Central / Central Northside Neighborhood Council 
Maggie Connor - NSLC Treasurer
Beth Boroumand

Allegheny City Society
John Canning
Ruth McCartan

Allegheny West Civic Council
Robert Griewahn
Ann Gilligan

Brighton Heights Citizens Federation
Brendan Delaney

Stacy Berkabile

Brightwood Civic Group
Angel Gober
Jermaine Younger - NSLC Ex-Officio

California Kirkbride Neighbors
Debbie Reed
Shirley Seals

Community Alliance of Spring Garden/East Deutschtown
Isaac Falvey - NSLC Vice President
Lisa McAnany

Charles Street Area Council
Angela Williams

East Allegheny Community Council
Doug Kamper
Philip Hake

Fineview Citizens Council
Christine Whispell
Greg Manley

Huntington National Bank
Benjamin Cain
Chuck Schons

Manchester Citizens Corporation
LaShawn Burton-Faulk

Observatory Hill Incorporated
Brian Larson
Jeremy Lawler

Perry Hilltop Citizens Council
Lukas Bagshaw
Janet Gunter

Spring Hill Civic League
Brittany Goldinger
Ben Soltesz - NSLC President

Summer Hill Citizens Committee
Georgiann Lucas
John Clayton - NSLC Secretary

Troy Hill Citizens, Incorporated
Abby Vanim
Morgan Kasprowicz

NSLC At Large Directors
Margaret Eldridge - NSLC At Large Member
John Augustine - Chair, Allegheny Commons Initiative
Reverand Brenda J. Gregg - NSLC At Large Member
Art Perkins - NSLC At Large Member