Northside Leadership Conference

The Northside is composed of a diverse group of 14 identifiable neighborhoods, each with its own history, ambience, issues and volunteer organizations. Despite their differences, these 14 neighborhoods, joined by other key Northside stakeholders, have worked together since 1980 to operate the City's only multi-neighborhood Community Development Corporation, providing a comprehensive range of services.

NSLC has organized its operations into 6 business lines:
  - Real Estate Development and Project Management
  - Business Development
  - Public Realm (parks, streetscapes, transportation, etc)
  - Public Safety
  - Health and Wellness
  - Communications and Advocacy

To complement its services, NSLC operates two subsidiaries:

Northside Community Development Fund (NSCDF) which is a certified community development institution lending support to business growth, job creation, and neighborhood development. Founded in 2000, it now has over $10 million in assets.

The Northside Chronicle has been the Northside's community newspaper since 1985. This free monthly publication has a circulation of 8,000 copies per month.