About Us 



The Northside Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (Walk Ride Northside) is a sub-committee of the Northside Leadership Conference. We are a group of concerned residents and business owners who advocate for improved infrastructure and continued safety; encourage and promote riding and walking; and support accessibility for all bicyclists and pedestrians.


  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian signage
  • Promote the installation and use of bike racks
  • Plan, promote and/or implement bicycle and pedestrian events throughout the Northside
  • Establish bike lane and bike trail connections between the existing riverfront trails, Allegheny Commons Park, and Riverview Park
  • Establish bike and pedestrian connections to Northside Cultural and Tourist attractions
  • Work with other city-wide organizations, such as Friends of the Riverfront, Riverlife, BikePGH, and City government to coordinate and implement policies, plans and procedures to upgrade the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on the Northside
  • Work with property owners regarding trail access and promote the economic benefits of bike and pedestrian trails
  • Work with initiatives that focus on pedestrian related issues

Committee Chair: Nick Ross
NSLC Coordinator: Equiana Brown