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Success Stories!


Thanks for all your assistance in my Job Search.  My hope and prayer is that you will be able to help thousands more just like myself!  God Bless!

William B. Bowser"


Arthur Astringer thanks NSLC's Neighborhood Employment Center for his hiring at Parkhurst Dining Services!


Employment in Pittsburgh’s First Slots Casino

In an agreement with the developers of Pittsburgh’s first slots casino, NSLC is taking the lead in preparing the region’s workforce for casino employment. This exciting and groundbreaking initiative will benefit the residents of the Northside as well as the entire Pittsburgh region.

NSLC has teamed up with the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) to conduct free, public workshops on casino employment. Titled “So You Think You Want To Work in a Casino…?” these workshops have been taken to neighborhoods around the entire Pittsburgh region. The information provided helps those in attendance decide if working in a casino is right for them.

If you have a question about casino employment call NSLC Workforce Development Assistant Sheryl Smith at (412) 330-2551 or email casinocareers@pittsburghnorthside.com.

Neighborhood Employment Center (NEC)

NSLC operates a neighborhood employment center dedicated to helping jobseekers gain employment at the casino and other local businesses. We provide access to a variety of services, including help with resumes and accessing local job listings.

For more information on the NEC, please contact Sheryl Smith at (412) 330-2551 or via email at sheryl@pittsburghnorthside.com.


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