Green Jobs - Northside!

What is Green Jobs – Northside!...?

Green Jobs – Northside! is a program through our Workforce Development department whose goal is to place Northsiders into “green” jobs with Northside employers. These jobs are important because they help the new economy (the “green economy”) grow and prosper while putting local residents to work and improving our neighborhoods.

Green Jobs – Northside! has been made possible through the generous support of the ALCOA Foundation.

What are “green” jobs?

The PA Department of Labor and Industry defines green jobs as those that employ workers in producing or offering products or services that:

  • promote energy efficiency
  • contribute to the sustainable use of resources
  • prevent pollution
  • clean up the environment
  • promote the reduction of harmful emissions

(Source: The Pennsylvania Green Jobs Report Part 1 January 2010)

Many of these jobs require some training beyond high school. Our Neighborhood Employment Center (NEC) will help Northsiders to find the training they need to become competitive for these jobs and make direct referrals to these employers whenever possible.

Northside “Green” Employers

Listed below are a few employers on the Northside who employ people in green jobs. Jobs within these companies can include solar panel installer, wastewater treatment plant operator, technician, etc.

The following is a partial list of green employers on the Northside and links to their website. We encourage you to check them frequently for employment opportunities.

Green Job Training

Here are the links to Northside training program to get you ready to work in a green job:

Other Green Job Resources

If you’re ready right now to look for a green job but need some help knowing where to look here are some links to useful websites:

Green Job Search

Here are links to a few green job search sites that we’ve found:

Neighborhood Employment Center Process

When you stop by our Neighborhood Employment Center we’ll talk with you about these companies, the jobs that are offered and the qualification and expectations. We’ll also help you with resumes, applications, computer access and getting ready for the interview.

Remember to always be ready to impress!

Other Resources

Here are some other groups that can provide you with more information on green technologies and careers:

NSLC is not responsible for the content of any of the websites linked to these pages.

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