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  Preservation of St. Nicholas Church

After a long, hard battle, Northside Leadership Conference and the Preserve Croation Heritage Foundation lost its fight to save the historic St. Nicholas Church. 

On Oct. 5, 2012, The city of Pittsburgh withdrew its appeal of a previous court decision that allowed for demolition of the church.

Despite protest from preservation groups, city residents and parishioners, demolition began January 9, 2013. 

Read NSLC's Executive Director Mark Fatla's response to Rev. David Zubik's position on the demolition

Visit the PCHF website at www.stnicholasns.org to see artist Cory Bonnet's paintings of St. Nicholas Church. 

CLICK HERE to see the beautiful panoramic view of St. Nicholas Church, courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Photographer Steve Mellon. 

Our work to save St. Nicholas Church spanned many years and we are grateful for the support we've received: 

o Croatian Ambassador Supports Museum Plans at St. Nicholas

o Croatian Ambassador Endorses St. Nicholas Museum Plan

o Diplomacy with Croatians Proves 'Positive" for Northside Museum Delegation

St Nicholas Church 

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