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Northside Bike/Ped Committee was named 2013 Advocacy Group of the Year by BikePGH!

Northside Bike/Ped Committee meets at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Penn Brewery. Anyone who is interested in bicycling or pedestrian-related matters is welcome. If you'd like to be notified of upcoming meetings or want to join the Bike/Ped Committee, please contact bikeped@pittsburghnorthside.com to be put on the email list.
Who can become a member of Northside Bike/Ped?
Anyone who has an interest in bicycling, or just walks, runs or commutes, can join.

When are meetings?
at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month. You can contact us to be added to the email list for meeting updates and other news.


The Northside Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee is a sub-committee of the Northside Leadership Conference. We are a group of concerned residents and business owners who advocate for improved infrastructure and continued safety; encourage and promote riding and walking; and support accessibility for all bicyclists and pedestrians.

Improve bicycle and pedestrian signage
Promote the installation and use of bike racks
Plan, promote and/or implement bicycle and pedestrian events throughout the Northside
Establish bike lane and bike trail connections between the existing riverfront trails, Allegheny Commons Park, and Riverview Park
Establish bike and pedestrian connections to Northside Cultural and Tourist attractions
Work with other city-wide organizations, such as Friends of the Riverfront, Riverlife, BikePGH, and City government to coordinate and implement policies, plans and procedures to upgrade the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on the Northside
Work with property owners regarding trail access and promote the economic benefits of bike and pedestrian trails
Work with initiatives that focus on pedestrian related issues
Committee Chair: Nick Ross
NSLC Coordinator: Equiana Brown


Want to start biking to work? Unsure of the safest travel routes? BikePGH has a wealth of resources available online. Visit http://bikepgh.org/resources/gettingaround/.

Map of Northside Bike Loops (Click here).


The Bike/Ped Committee is an initiative of the Northside Leadership Conference that has been supported by the Northside Leadership Conference and the Northside Community Development Fund. As the committee continues to grow and develop, the committee will continue to seek additional support from community partnerships and foundations. If you are interested in supporting the Bike/Ped Committee’s efforts, please contact Equiana Brown at equiana@pittsburghnorthside.com.


The Lower Northside Bicycle Connector Study has been published. Read more about it here

Agendas and meeting minutes can be viewed online HERE.

Prioritized list of the committee's goals and ideas


When is a new chair elected and how?
A new chair is elected (or re-elected) every January. Whoever attends the January meeting may vote for the new chair.

Who can become chair of the committee?
In order to run for chair of the committee, the individual must reside on the Northside and have been an active, regularly-attending Bike/Ped Committee member

How does the committee vote on important matters?
A majority vote will be held from those attending that meeting


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