“Living on the Northside allows me to experience the culture, convenience and community all at once.” Daniel Johnston, Resident | Mexican War Streets

Northside Neighborhoods

In over a dozen close-knit communities, Northside neighbors gather on front stoops and porches, tend gardens, restore buildings, host tours, hold block parties, watch fireworks and volunteer for community projects. Many residents have breathtaking city views and all have easy access to downtown Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania region.

The Northside of Pittsburgh is comprised of City  District 1 & District 6. The following are all of the neighborhoods that live within the umbrella of Pittsburgh's Northside. 

Allegheny Center

Is a central neighborhood of the Northside flats, it houses the Childrens Museum, National Aviary, The New Hazlett Theater and more. The most prominent feature of this neighborhood is Allegheny Commons park that surrounds the neighborhood. 

Allegheny West

A historic neighborhood west of Allegheny Commons Park with a bustling business district. Allegheny West became known in the late 19th century as a place for the rich with Rdige Ave being known as "Millionaire's Row" because of all the mansions that lined the street. 

Brighton Heights

Brighton Heights is a neighborhood on a hill overlooking the Ohio River. This neighborhood has a varied mix of stately architecture that makes the neighborhood unique and friendly to buyers looking for differing asthetics.


A negihborhood that used to be a rail yard and is now comprised of mostly rowhouses built in the late 1800s. The California-Kirkbride neighborhood is historic because it shows the evolution of style and design of row housing in the Great Pittsburgh Metro Area. 


The neighborhood of Chateau runs along the Ohio River and serves as a hub for businesses instead of residential dealings. Rivers Casino, The Carnegie Science Center and Manchester Craftsmen's Guild (don't let the name fool you) are all located in this business neighborhood. 

Deutschtown & East Deutschtown

Previously named East Allegheny this neighborhood rebranded as Deutschtown due to its strong German roots during the neighborhood development in the 1850s. The neighborhood has been cut into two because of the construction of  I-279 which split the neighborhood which spans from Allegheny Commons Park to Troy Hill. 


The neigborhood of Fineview is exactly that, a neighborhood filled with "Fine-Views." Mid-way through the Northside Hill this neighborhood has expanisve views of Pittsburgh's Downtown, East-End and West-End. The Fineview Overlook is a main attraction for visitors and Pittsburghers. 


This neigborhood houses the largest historic district in Pittsburgh because it is filled with early 19th century Victorian-style houses. Manchester runs along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail System and is mainly residential. 

Marshall-Shadeland (Brightwood)

Marshall-Shadeland is a distinct neighborhood that some refer to as a “valley village.” Marshall-Shadeland has been called many different names over the year but it has always been a neighborhood filled with many different ethnic groups with frame houses stacked on the hillside.

Mexican War Streets

Is one of the Northside’s historic district and is filled with mostly Victorian-era row houses. The name stems from the creation of the neighborhood which dates to the Mexican-American War and the neighborhood streets named after battles and generals of the war.


Northshore runs along the Allegheny River and houses the Stadiums for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates as well as the Andy Warhol Museum.

Northview Heights

Previously apart of the Reserve Township this Northside Neighborhood was annexed by Pittsburgh in the 1930’s. The neighborhood is a truly residential neighborhood with a large public housing project that started the neighborhood after the annexation.

Observatory Hill

The highest elevation in Pittsburgh is at the top of this neighborhood on the hill which is home to the large Riverview Park and Allegheny Observatory.

Perry Hilltop

Perry Hilltop gets its name from the street Perrysville Avenue which runs throughout the neighborhood. This avenue was section of the Venango trail (a Native American path) which lead to Erie, PA.  

Spring Garden

Spring Garden is a smaller neighborhood that was created due to the slaughterhouses and tanneries that were prominent in this neighborhood. This neighborhood now is mainly row homes.

Spring Hill

Spring Hill is known for the abundance of springs near the neighborhood as well as being one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Pittsburgh.

Summer Hill

Summer Hill is the smallest Northside Neighborhood. Since 2000 the neighborhood has been steadily increasing in population.

Troy Hill  

The neighborhood of Troy Hill was historically a German neighborhood and sits atop a plateau. Troy hill has 6 historic Landmarks one of which is the Saint Anthony’s Chapel.

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